our products & services encompass the following:

End user & server support.
Remote management for fast resolution.
Proactive device management.
Device status reporting.
Warranty status tracking.
Asset management.
Break/fix management.
Anti-virus management.
Software distribution.
Preventative maintenance.
Patch updates.
Printer monitoring.
Active Directory management.
Monthly reporting.

End user computing and server computing is a critical part of IT for any business. Users need to be supported efficiently to be productive. ITSS provides an all-encompassing tool that offers both end user and server management support. This includes the desktop/laptop/server and mobile/tablet environments.

We also assist your organisation with making an informed decision on the correct or best toolset to purchase.

We utilise one product to provide the above services namely SolarWinds Ncentral.

There are typically three viable options in relation to how we partner with our clients using the toolset.

  • Some of our clients prefer to run “in-house” IT support. They do however want to maximise on their software investments and make sure that their IT teams have the best of breed and the best toolsets to make the IT environment run efficiently as possible.
  • Some clients like the idea to “outsource” portions or the entire IT department.
  • Lastly some clients prefer a combination where they have a hybrid model. The hybrid model speaks to the client having IT skills in house and want to outsource portions of their IT infrastructure and or skills.

From a toolset perspective, the SolarWinds Ncentral toolset caters for each example. ITSS have provided solutions using SolarWinds Ncentral, to our clients and have experienced each aspect mentioned above. We guide our clients and provide the best solution offering that fits the client’s needs and requirements.

  • We provide hand holding during installation of the product.
  • We customise all aspects of the product to make sure the product fits into the environment and the client maximises their return on value.
  • We provide ongoing support and assistance to the client.
  • We assist in updating to newer versions of the product, when applicable.
  • We provide over the shoulder training on the product to the necessary IT staff.
  • Where it is a complete outsource of the product and where the client has no IT staff, we manage and run all aspects of the product end to end.
  • Monthly specific reporting will be sent to the client.
  • Whatever aspects need to be fine-tuned and added to the clients environment, we assist with those tasks.

understand your customer and employee sentiment
to manage your environment

You can now advance your company’s productiveness, and eventually, its success by ensuring all your employees are equipped to, or even surpass their full abilities.

Today, companies cannot rely on using financial measures alone. Businesses are required to track non-financial measures for example speed of response and product quality; intensive measures, such as customer experience and brand improvement. This also includes, future procedures, such as employee gratification, core values, preservation, and succession development.

Measuring Customer Experience (CX) provides companies with greater insight into their performance which allows for problems to be attended to before they create a negative effect on the company.

Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) are a company’s measurable goals. This is typically attached to an organization’s tactic, but often not evaluated properly.

Core Value conformance guarantees that the basis of a company’s objectives is followed, resulting in success and development.

Maximum goals are reached not through the efforts of an individual person, however by numerous individuals in a diversity of departments which that indicates you always have a situation of “shared accountability” that is fundamental to a company’s triumph.

Communicating significant knowledge to your employees ensures an educated and legislation-compliant employee base, thereby imparting your clients with a professional and educated team, portraying your company in the greatest ways.

ITSS is a specialized and an advanced channel that utilises the above metrics as the basis to enhance performance and development of a company with successful tactical decisions concerning staff members and resources.

what is solarwinds

Control. Manage. Customize. All in One (RMM) - Remote Monitoring & Management (Services) Platform.

As networks grow in complexity and scale to thousands or tens of thousands of devices, IT service providers need powerful tools to help them keep up. SolarWinds N-central provides you that power.

Source: https://www.solarwindsmsp.com/products/n-central

Ncentral scales easily to environment from the SME markets to the larger Enterprise markets.  Ncentral’s core strength is to provide all of the service offerings in one toolset. What you get within the product set is as follows:

Single Web Interface, that is intuitive and easy to use.
Automation of MSP-related activities
Patch Management
Monitoring and management of Windows, Mac, Linux, VMware and network devices
Backup and recovery
Choice of on-premises or hosted deployments
Integrated PSA
Fast remote control

Automation Manager

Get More Done with Automation without Learning a New Scripting Language.
Helps efficiency
Detailed reporting
Automated on-boarding
Drag and drop
Prewritten policies
Integration with other scripting languages
Complete control

Remote Monitoring

Remotely monitor desktops, laptops, servers, and mobile devices across operating systems and platforms.
Alerts and performance checks
Security monitoring
Windows, Mac, and Linux compatibility
Network performance monitoring
Mobile device monitoring
Virtual machine monitoring
Granular roles and permissions
Automation and bulk actions

Backup Manager

Help Protect Your Users’ Data with Sophisticated Backup and Rapid Disaster Recovery.
Cloud and on-premises backup
Back up a number of devices at almost any level
Fast backup and recovery
Bare metal recovery
Virtual machine support
Ultra-secure with private keys
Secure data centres
Data archiving

Patch Manager

Keep Software Up to Date Across Multiple Client Sites.
Automated rollout
Detailed manual rollout
Optimized for resource usage
No server required
Maximize Efficiency
System patches
Patch on or off-site
3rd Party Patching

Report Manager

Clearly Demonstrate Your Value to Clients or Managers with Detailed, Custom Reports.
Multiple report formats (there are a number of default or built in reports, and you have the ability to customise reports)
Executive summary
Security overview
Patch reports
Device and capacity management
Help desk reports

Mobile Manager

Manage and Improve Security for Smartphones and Tablets Without Breaking a Sweat.
Quick on-boarding
Device profiles
Manual on-boarding
Device locator
Application control
Remote device wipe or feature disablement
System management

Security Manager including Managed Antivirus

Protect Your Users with Top-tier Security Features That Are Easy to Deploy and Manage.
Signature, Rule, and behavioural-based scans
Proactive notifications
Web content filtering
Extensive signature-based scanning
Auto deployment
Reporting via Report Manager
Profiles and application control
Competitive uninstall
Heuristic checks
Active protection and behavioural scanning

Mobile App

Provide Outstanding IT Management from Anywhere.
Identify problem servers and workstations
Perform tasks such as running scripts and automation policies
Review alerts and manage your devices on the go
Run remote control sessions using MSP Connect right from your iOS or Android device

Remote Access

Perform maintenance and fix issues without leaving your desk.
Provide faster support with lower costs
Anytime access
Contact lists
System configuration
File system
Performance issue maintenance
Service management

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