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macOS Server brings more power to your business, home office, or school. Designed to work with macOS and iOS, macOS Server makes it easy to collaborate, host websites, and configure Mac and iOS devices.

profile manager

Profile Manager simplifies deploying, configuring, and managing the Mac computers and iOS devices in your organization. It’s one place where you control everything:

Create profiles to set up user accounts for mail, calendar, contacts, and messages
Configure system settings
Enforce restrictions
Set PIN and password policies
Lock and Wipe stolen or lost devices

advanced features

File Sharing allows your organisation to have collective point of saving and sharing data over the network, tailored to allow specific access to the files and folders
VPN Services allows employees to access the server securely from anywhere in the world to access data and resources
Time Machine backups allow devices to backup all their data in a centralised space on the network
Caching services can be setup for OSX and iOS updates, saving company bandwidth
DHCP services can be configured and managed through the server
DNS entries and settings can be used through the server
Firewalls can be setup on the server allowing for additional security

In House AppStore

Many businesses face challenges around their Apple employees with the App Store. Keeping the App Store available to client computers can bring unnecessary challenges to the IT Support teams. macOS Server can be setup to publish custom corporate App Stores which manages the clients in the following ways:

Optional installs – publish available software to your client computers
Managed installs – push software to your client computers from the back end
Managed uninstalls – uninstall software to your client computers from the back end


NetInstall is designed for administrators who manage operating system installations and software updates for their organizations. It’s the perfect IT assistant. It performs automated software installations — whether a new version of macOS, a specific suite of applications for a workgroup, or both. It eliminates the expense of distributing software on disk. And it saves administrators from having to configure each system in person.

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