COMSOL overview

Comsol Networks has a proud 21-year heritage as one of SA’s most long-standing, iconic, innovative telcos. It has deep experience in building networks for businesses and government institutions in all sectors. Comsol owns and operates Africa’s widest Layer 2, licensed, carrier-grade wireless network – fully MEF 2.0 compliant and supported by a modern 24/7 NOC. Known as Comsol Connect, the network spans 13 000 square kilometres across 200 metro areas. With a dominant share of the prized 28GHz spectrum in South Africa, Comsol is positioned to play a guiding role in the development of 5G services locally. By establishing a broad LoRaWAN™ network, Comsol will also play a foundational role in the rapidly-evolving ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT) industry.


Comsol Connect provides businesses with a carrier-grade, fully licensed uncontended wireless offering – which rivals the performance of fibre-to-the-business, and enables a broad range of new digital and Cloud-based services. It relies on the licensed 28GHz millimeter band of spectrum and harnesses over 2000 high-sites that beam high-strength micro wave connections to local businesses. Compliant to the international MEF 2.0 standards, it guarantees stringent service level agreements to ensure optimal network performance. The Comsol Connect point-to-multi-point solutions can be deployed in just 6-8 days, getting businesses up and running with unprecedented speed (no more waiting for lengthy fibre deployments), while the point-to-point solutions can be delivered within just a few weeks.

COMSOL solutions

This carrier-grade offering harnesses the high-quality 28GHz spectrum to power exceptional network speeds and resilience – from 2Mbps all the way to 100Mbps.

This high-capacity Layer 2 network gives you access to the prime 28GHz spectrum, as well as Comsol’s carrier-grade equipment, offering great value for businesses of all sizes.LEARN MORE

For the strongest, fastest network available across broad coverage radiuses, CX Plus Premium is South Africa’s premier Layer 2 wireless offering.

This high-capacity Layer 2 network is available across broad coverage radiuses, at a price-point offering great value for businesses of all sizes.

When Comsol’s existing network is unable to serve your needs in outer-lying environments, or if you need higher capacities, our CX Specific offering is a bespoke end-to-end network dedicated to your needs.

the future

Comsol enjoys ownership to a large tranche of the 28GHz millimetre spectrum band, which was recently identified by international telecoms bodies as a key frequency for 5G services. Though alliances with local and international technology partners, Comsol will launch 5G fixed wireless trials in South Africa. Over the coming years, it will become a catalyst in the development of business and consumer 5G offerings within the region, promising speeds hundreds of times faster than 4G, reshaping local industries and propelling South Africa into the digital future. With the vision of also becoming a dominant player in the‘Internet of Things’ (IoT), Comsol is also establishing a Low Power Wide Area network, using the LoRaWAN™ standard to connect sensors and other smart devices. Taking an early lead in this field, Comsol has kicked off IoT trials that demonstrate the potential of this technology in areas like precision agriculture, asset management, supply chain optimisation, and retail.

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