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understand your customer and employee sentiment
to manage your environment

You can now advance your company’s productiveness, and eventually, its success by ensuring all your employees are equipped to, or even surpass their full abilities.

Today, companies cannot rely on using financial measures alone. Businesses are required to track non-financial measures for example speed of response and product quality; intensive measures, such as customer experience and brand improvement. This also includes, future procedures, such as employee gratification, core values, preservation, and succession development.

Measuring Customer Experience (CX) provides companies with greater insight into their performance which allows for problems to be attended to before they create a negative effect on the company.

Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) are a company’s measurable goals. This is typically attached to an organization’s tactic, but often not evaluated properly.

Core Value conformance guarantees that the basis of a company’s objectives is followed, resulting in success and development.

Maximum goals are reached not through the efforts of an individual person, however by numerous individuals in a diversity of departments which that indicates you always have a situation of “shared accountability” that is fundamental to a company’s triumph.

Communicating significant knowledge to your employees ensures an educated and legislation-compliant employee base, thereby imparting your clients with a professional and educated team, portraying your company in the greatest ways.

ITSS is a specialized and an advanced channel that utilises the above metrics as the basis to enhance performance and development of a company with successful tactical decisions concerning staff members and resources.

iPBX features

Hunt Lists
Ring Groups
Feature Codes
Music on Hold
Virtual Conference Rooms
Caller ID
Call Waiting
Call Transfers
Call Park
Call Forwarding
Call Screening
Call Blocking
Group call pickup
Personal Voicemail Greetings
Voicemail to Email or Message Box

Management and Reporting

Easy Online Administration
Inbound call analysis – Incoming callers, volume of calls by days of the week, volume of calls by hours of the day and calls received by dialed DID.
Outbound call activity tracking – from extension, date, time,dialed number, status and duration (export to csv optional)
Real time current calls status – active calls
Inbound call activity tracking – from number, date, time,duration, status and dialed DID (exportable to CSV).
Real time extension status – registration status, public IP, in use, ringing, idle – (more detail)

Abuse and Toll Fraud Prevention

Extension Security
Outbound Black Listings
Dialling Restrictions
International Country Listings – Allow / Disallow
Outbound White Listings
Toll Fraud Prevention Measures

Call Reports & Management

Manage your telephony estate from the cloud.

Wherever you are in the world these days, to remain at your competitive edge, your customers expect you to be contactable, responsive and capable of delivering your best levels of service. With our industry leading Hosted Telephone System (iPBX) you get a wide variety of reporting as standard in order for you to effectively manage your business and call flows. All data is also downloadable in raw format for detailed analysis

iPBX Glance

Live stats using our reporting and Wall Boarding

Previously only accessible to those company’s with the biggest budgets, we are delighted to deliver to the SME market call centre technology for the price of a licence upgrade. Our new ‘Glance’ solution puts you firmly in the driving seat with vital information always available at a ‘Glance’.


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